Don’t cry over spilt milk

So you’ve had a rough day. Don’t we all have those sometimes? Sometimes you “spilt the milk”, sometimes you have to clean up “spilt milk”, or even sometimes the milk isn’t spilt, it has just gone bad.

Maybe because you were rushed, maybe because you didn’t care, maybe you just messed up and it was a mistake. What do you do with that? How do you deal with something you screwed up on? First off, YOU don’t. More then likely you are getting yelled at, or someone is holding a huge grudge and is short and nasty to you.
You don’t handle it God does. Why? Because you can’t control others. You can’t pretend you can sit back and change their attitudes, you simply cannot. However, you can pray for them, you can give it over to God, and you have to forgive them just as much as they have to forgive you.

Some people do not think that forgiving someone can change their attitudes, their behavior; but it can if you let it and actually forgive them.

If you spilt the milk, apologize whole heartily. If you are cleaning up someone’s spilt milk, stop and forgive the person who spilt it, whole heartily. If the milk just went bad, then forgive yourself or the other person for acting sour.