Relight the Fire

How many of us sin? All of us. All of us sin. All of us at some point in our day puts ourselves first and God second. Some just put him permanently in second. They think that their feelings and their own satisfaction is more important than what God has for them.
As a baby Christian putting God first tends to be a bit more easier. You tend to analyze every situation, conversation, and every friendship…to see if this is godly, something you are called to, something that you shouldn’t do, or something that is sinful against God. But once that fire goes out, where are we? At this point you’ve probably been called a “crazy” Christian even lost followers on social media because of your over bearing truths from the gospel. But once that first igination fades out, what you left with? A lot of times we are left empty because we’ve beared our souls and we’ve seen no fruit. We passionately pursue Jesus but we begin to let the enemy talk to us a bit more then we should. We stop putting Jesus first. Some of us just stop all together because we feel lost again and feel that if God didn’t show up in those months maybe even years then there is no point to pursue God. So we go back to our old ways.

But putting God first even when we don’t see fruit, even when we feel we are at worst of worst days make more of an impact on the world around us than us putting ourselves first on daily basis. 
God will always be God. We can either passionately pursue him on a daily basis or make him second and not make Him Lord at all. 

There have been so many times I have seen myself putting God in second . I have decided that it wasn’t worth my effort, that I didn’t feel up to it that day, that God will have the grace to sustain me. God’s grace is amazing but it’s not our job to tell God what to do with it. We are putting ourselves in first. Think about if we ever said, “that’s what grace is for”, that’s putting yourself in charge of Gods grace, something that we don’t have the power to do. But what we do have the power to do, is relight the fire.

Relight that fire that was in you years ago, months ago, days ago, because that fire with make a difference. That fire can change the world. That fire will have you walking confidently with the Lord. Where we may fall at times, it’s okay, we just have to keep the ambers moving.


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