Piece by Piece

In order to be built back up sometimes you have to be broken.

Being broken before God, is hard. Where we all know  that he knows everything, yet we still hide from him even though scripture states we can go nowhere to flee from him.

The problem is we take shame, fear, and guilt and we internalize it. We let our sins shame us, our fear over take us, and our guilt eat away at us. Yet we come to church on Sunday as if we are okay, even though we are screaming on the inside. We put a smile on our face to cover everything. 

The thing is God knows all of it. ALL. Maybe you didn’t treat that one person right, maybe you are battling with a sin issue, maybe your anxiety is so high you can barely breathe, maybe you didn’t do something and it eats you up on the inside, whatever it is, God knows. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. However, God does call us to go before him, to repent, to trust, and to surrender.

So being broken and realizing that you have to let go of everything you’ve been holding on to, is hard. Because sometimes you’ve held on to them for so long that they began to define you. You began to question,  “God made me this and I just only have to accept it”. If you do not glorify God in it and there is part of you that dislikes that part of you, chances are it’s not from God. 

I battle with shyness, quietness, awkwardness, I could keep going, but the point is, I don’t believe God made me that person. I could accept it. But I don’t glorify God in it. I don’t like it…honestly it’s a part of me I hate. 

So where do we go from here? How do you build up what is broken? First off, you let go and give it to God. We are sinful by nature so saying we’re going to fix something ultimately means we are going to attempt and if doesn’t work out then we may try again, but we will give up and hide it under the rug, we don’t want to do that.  No we have to give every last peice over to God. We have to let the walls down with God, we built them up  and they’ve been up for so long they became a part of us, but they are not from God. We have to let God break us in areas we’ve never would have before. But we also have to take time in prayer, the Word, repentance, and praise. We literally have to let God be our God again.

I’ll close with this, my pastor once said, “you have to walk into the unknown long enough to let God be your God again.”

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