Live it Out

Who is a savior? According to Merriam-Webster there are two definitions, “one that saves from danger or destruction” and “one who brings salvation”. We could then define “salvation”, but it simply means saving someone from sin or evil. Jesus is our Savior.

Jesus who did not know us bore our sin on the cross. God came down in human form to walk with us to live with us to befriend us. Then took everything we’ve ever done that was sinful in nature and was tortured for it, was hung on a cross for it and ultimately died for it. He is our Savior, saving us from the pits of hell.

Now many of us may use the term loosely. We say it, but do we actually know what it means? Do we actually know how it even slightly feels? We sit here and we confess it. We confess that Jesus died for our sins, we confess that he is our Lord. But we don’t live it out.

We don’t live out the fact the Jesus has SAVED us. We honestly have a tendency to live out the idea that he saved us, not fully committing, not fully giving him our all, not fully living out who God called us to be. God called us all to be disciples of the Faith, God called us all to love one another, God called us all to glorify his name, God called us to bear one another’s burdens, God called us all to follow His will and not our own.  I could keep going but you see the point, God called us! But if we sit here and we believe that he saved us as just a mediocre feeling that that’s how our faith will play out.

Honestly, have you ever had someone stand up for you and take the blame, the shame, and guilt for you? How did you feel? You may have been relieved, it could’ve been your job on the line, I bet you thanked them, maybe even worshiped them by giving things to them because it meant so much. Imagine Jesus doing that for us but for EVERY little sin we do, constantly standing up for us not blaming us but him taking our burdens onto him and standing up to God on our behalf.  We should feel relieved, we should feel redeemed, we should feel forgiven, we should rejoice, we should worship. Those feelings should not lead to a mediocre faith but a faith that people flock over. People should be able to look over at you want that for themselves.

You are an image barrier of the faith. Live it out. Live as if we are redeemed every day, not just once. Worship. Rejoice. Live out your faith.

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