God Will Take You Places

Today, I stopped at a gas station. I didn’t need gas though, I don’t even know why I stopped. But I did.

As I was walking inside this young man was sitting outside the door. To be honest, I wanted to avoid eye contact, so I quickly walked inside. I then was leaving the store after debating on whether I could afford a soft drink or not. I decided against it and walked out. But I avoided the way I went inside and walked out of the side door. 

Do you know the thing you are trying to avoid is probably very thing that God wants you to do? So I walked outside and this homeless man was crossing my path. I could’ve avoided him. I could’ve kept walking with my eyes down. But something was telling me to stop. So I stopped and he began to tell his story. We sat talking for over 20 minutes about life. I sat there and throwing popcorn prayers up to God asking if I should bless this man or not and I realized that today I was blessed by God, so why am I even questioning this, share the blessing, regardless of how little it might be. 

 God takes you places for a reason and sometimes that reason is to be a blessing and an answer to prayer for someone else. 

People someone’s answer to prayer. Be someone’s blessing! 

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