How many things do you hide from?

Each of us look for ways out of circumstances, each of us look for ways around things. We look for escape hatches before we even are forced to run. 

Some people don’t like churches because  they don’t want to be convicted. They don’t want to be forced to deal with the problem in their lives, who really does? They’d rather show up on a Sunday morning listen to the pastor preach then leave and never think about that sermon again.

I was listening to someone preach about how we are so focused on the outside of our churches, the building, the graphics, detail orientation, that we are neglecting the inside, the heart and the body of Christ. Same thing, I feel goes for us spiritually. Many of us go to church, we play the part, it makes us look good and feel good, sometimes we even tithe, sometimes we even serve but our heart isn’t there, our spirit is thirsting and yet we are neglecting it. 

We neglect our souls because we don’t allow ourselves to have the Word spoken to us in truth. We curve it around ourselves. Think about, if the pastor gets up there and talks about what you did the night before, let’s say  drinking, and states that being a drunkard is a sin, you will find every excuse to say that is not you. If the pastor says anything that is going on in your life, anything that relates to you, you think that it’s not you, that you aren’t that bad. Here is the thing, if you have to convince yourself you’re not that bad, you are. It’s time to buckle up and face it.

Allow the Holy Spirit to use that conviction for the good, not for yourself to hide. We are to be more like Jesus and less like self.

Take off your Sunday best, take off the makeup, who are you?  You are a child of The One True King. The Holy Spirit is apart of you. Don’t live for selfish gain, live to be like Jesus. He lives inside of you. 

One thought on “Conviction

  1. Amen. What we really need is for people to come and sit at Jesus’ feet and be honest with him about their hearts and desire to make him the center of their lives, instead of playing the luke warm game.

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