Introvert: Paralization To Freedom

I know people who are so introverted it paralyzes them. It keeps them going out in the world. I saw myself heading down this pathway.

I saw myself only finding and interacting with people online so I didn’t have to bare the thought interacting with another human being in person my anxiety would shoot through the roof. I just wanted to be alone, but always felt lonely and that no one cared. How can someone care if they dont what you are going through? How can someone care if you don’t talk to them? Communication, it works!

My problem as introvert quickly changed as I became a Christian. What does the church do? They try to build community. This girl hated the idea of community but secretly learned to love it, because people would actually talk to her. My core of being an introvert is still there and I’ve learned to accept it, I need me time away from everyone (my apologies!) but it draws me to God even more.

However, I love being in community. I have learned to love going up to a random stranger and just ask them how their day is going to see if just a few words of encouragement or loving words can help make their day just a little bit better.

I love being and discovering me!

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