Prayer is a powerful communication between you and your Father. Most of us including myself forget how much prayer and communication is important in our walk with Jesus. I was not placed on this earth to live a mediocre life, I was placed here to live a great life, living according the Word of God and living Gods will.
Recently, I have started a new way of approaching communication between my Father and I. Let me tell you, it is amazing. It will blow you away.

Get a pen and paper. Ready? That’s all you need, oh wait your missing the key thing, the Word of God. I have been studying and God has been speaking to me through this living Word. Things that I may skimmed or skipped over before. Things that I don’t even compute, but when I sit there and mediate on those words speaking from God through a human being. God speaks to me loud and clear. He’s giving me answers to questions I had on Christianity, that I never thought I’d find. He’s making look at things in my life and evaluate them.

He’s making me realize that I may not be able to change the world, by myself, but if I can change one persons life from the burning out of hell, that is all that matters.

I don’t care if I have to live a certain way to reach people. I don’t care if I have to give up things that are luxury in order to be able to reach people. There are lost souls out there that may have had a bad experience with another Christian. They may heard about Jesus, but if they never see an example of Christ in the flesh then they will never be able to have anything to relate to.

At our church, we has missionaries who devote their lives to Christ. They are there to be a light to young kids teenagers, young adults. They are there to be a living example of Christ so that maybe they can plant a seed, or at least attempt to lay a foundation. I am honored to be a part of a church family that cares, not just about themselves but the city and community around them.

If we never pray, if we never communicate with God. We will never get to see Gods glory in our lives, and maybe the lives of those around us. Someone prayed for me to be saved. 

My challenge for you is to pray your heart out for the lost souls around you, even if you don’t think they will ever come around. I was a lost soul. I was the one who challenged Christianity, but God saw favor in me and invited me into the kingdom of God, because he loves me and I finally allowed him to not only love me but to relieve love back from me. 

Read your bibles. Journal. Speak to God. Just don’t live a mediocre life, live the life God will provide for those who are faithful and surrender to Him. 

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