Prayer & Seek

There are many reasons why people ask for prayer. If you are willing to pray, also be willing to seek. I am saying if you are willing to ask for prayer and you already know what you can do to help the resolve the issue or problem then do it, especially if it’s personal.

If you are down and depressed and you feel like you are in a downward spiral then call your lifeline, your mentor, or a fellow Christian to help lift you up. A friend is great but a friend can only do so much.  If you don’t and all you do is ask people for prayer to help lift you up, it becomes a constant battle because you do not have accountability or a relationship with fellow Christians to help build you back up.This walk with Jesus was not meant to be done alone. That is why we have the church and the church body. It is why we try to build communities within the church, so that other Christians will be there for you when you need them.

If you are willing to ask for prayer, you should be willing to seek help. God is not just magically change you if you are not willing to put in the work. By stating you don’t want to seek help from a fellow Christian, or a mentor, and you only want prayer, it is stating that you are not willing to use the people God has place in your life for that specific reason.  God puts a person of faith in your life to make sure you stay on the narrow pathway. Seeking help is work, it’s getting out of your comfort zone and taking a step in the right direction. Some people are so weak that their first step is the hardest step they ever take. Bible studies will help, personal time with God will help, but fellowship and mentors will and can help also.

If you don’t have a mentor, find one. A Christian mentor is a great person to have. They are there to help keep on the narrow pathway in Christian walk. A mentor is not your buddy, a mentor is not a friend, though a great Christ centered relationship will be built. Your mentor should know where you struggle, your mentor should know what tempts you.  Your mentor should also know your full story. They are amazing man and women of God, who have a story and a past but are willing to help guide you.

I am no expert but I have battled this myself. If I am willing to finally ask for prayer after personally battling it for awhile, then I know I need to step out and ask for help and surrender to the fact I can’t do this alone and I am not meant to.

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