Jesus died a torturous death, hanging on the cross for our sins. We are all sinners, none of us are perfect. He died for me, he died for you. He died so we could live a life in glory of his name.

He was separated from his Father, his Father was taking all the aggression and anger He had toward sin and putting the punishment on His own flesh. As if a child was severely beaten for the act of another, but by his own will, not by accusation. 

God did it just so that WE could be saved through Christ Jesus. 

Yet we take our burdens today and sit and take pity on ourselves because we have a “challenge” to face.  Maybe, we are stressed out. Maybe even we think we failed and suddenly our lives are falling apart. Yes, at times I feel separated from God, that’s normal, even Jesus felt separated from his own Father, and they are one. It’s hard to realize that He will not forsake me. He is not like everyone else in my past, not even a little close.

I took my burdens and I let them drown me the other day. I let them consume so much so that I did not even take a chance to put my hope and my peace back in Jesus. My stresses in life and my burdens do not define me. But I let them define me that day, I didn’t surrender.  They are not who I am.  I am God’s daughter and He is my Father and I am saved through Christ because he shed his blood on my behalf. This world is not my home so letting this world influence my walk with God, is letting the enemy win. 

One thought on “Surrender 

  1. Amen. We are ambassadors of Christ sent to bring heavenly culture to earth. We must never get so conformed to the world to the extent we no longer influence them.

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