Have a little Hope

Hope. What is it exactly. Do we have it? Do you have it? If we do not have hope are we searching for it in the right place?

In America we tend to put our hope in our “next big thing”. We are hoping that this next thing will solve or fix our problems. Whether it be a relationship, marriage, a child.  It could  also be a new job, money, it could be anything that we are banking our hope on to find happiness. 

However, when these material things, these none permanent, perishable things are no longer, what do we do?Typically we focus on the thing to come in our lives. Yes, this could provide a lite bit of happiness, but it will perish and the happiness will just be for a season. This then becomes a never ending cycle, always looking and hoping toward the next thing to come our way. What we don’t realize is, is we have been hoping and banking on the wrong thing this entire time. 

God is hope. He is our rock, He is our foundation. If we put our faith just on the surface of the soil, we will only last so long. Puting our hope in meaningless things to fix our problems, will just break us on a daily basis. That hope will not last, BUT God makes hope last. He gives us an eternal hope, a hope that will no break, it will never disappoint. He provided this through His son, Jesus Christ.

We must anchor our hope in the Rock. In Jesus because without him, we are simply nothing. But with Him we are free. We are covered by grace and God’s mercy . 

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