People go through life thinking they have all together. They go through and think that the way they think is correct. But here is the problem, generally speaking you are not all together and you are typically not right. 

This is because we rely on ourselves to define our ownselves, or allow others to influence every detail of our lives. Then becoming a person you are not, a person God does not want you to be. But you are so much more.

There several types of blindness. However, I’m only going to touch on both the literal and the unliteral. 

In Acts 9, Saul was seeking to kill the disciples, however, Jesus began to talk to Saul. He was asking why was Saul persecuting him and why was he not going the path that he should’ve been leading. Jesus blinded Saul for three days.  Three days without sight. Three days without the temptation of sin starring him in the face. Three days to call a time-out and to just follow the path God laid before him. Without sin in our lives imagine the life we could live. 

Perhaps, we are like Saul. Perhaps we think we are leading the lives WE think we should be living, but is it the life  that God thinks we should to live? In Psalm 139, it states God knitted you together in your mother womb, but he also laid out a path before you. But it’s not up to Him on whether or not you follow it, it is yours. 

In Mark 10 it talks about a blind man, Bartimaeus, that wants to be healed. He wants everything in his might to be able to see again. He heard Jesus was coming by where he was and he began to CRY OUT to Jesus.  Many people told him to stop. But he did not listen to them. He kept at it. Jesus heard Bartimaeus and asked him to come over to him. He listened and threw down his cloak and walked to Jesus.  Jesus then gave him his sight back. But it was only by Bartimaeus faith that he was healed.  

We are blinded by many things. We are blinded by the judgement that we had as kids. We are blinded by the sin we refuse to give up. We are blinded by the people we surround ourselves with and their opinions about us. We let them tell us who we are. We let our sins define us. We let our past keep us in chains. Many of us don’t even think we have specific things wrong, it is because we are blinded.

We need the Bartimaeus faith. The faith of not giving up until the Lord heals us from the stuff that blinds us. We need to CRY OUT to Jesus daily. We need him. We cannot do the life God has for us without him. He redeemed us over 2000 years ago. Now we have to act like the redeemed. 

Take the blinders off, become the raw human you were meant to be. Stop letting others define you. 

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