Gods Butterfly

A butterfly flew into my car today. First off, it was a gorgeous day outside so I had the windows rolled down. It flew in at a stop light it was a small young one, but beautiful. I flicked it off and it landed on the car beside me. That didn’t stop it, it flew right back in and stayed on my door till I arrived at my destination. It didn’t fly away either, it gracefully walked up my door to my roof, I could’ve held it. It wasn’t moving away from my car. What does this have to do with anything?

Well it maybe a butterfly but it taught me something. God’s love does not go away even if you think you can get rid of it. You simple cannot. You can turn you’re back but he will still speak into your life and try to get you back to him. He will never give up on you, he will never let you go! Even if you do not see it, God is always there! He loves you too much!

That butterfly was not afraid of me, he knew I was not going to hurt him even though I hurt him in past. I may have grown up a nonbeliever, a outcast, a rebel, I have cursed his name in vein but he knows I love him. He knows me and he knows me heart today. For it is he who changed me.

A butterfly is a symbol of resurrection, for it dies and rises again. It is the story of my life. I may not have physically died but my heart and soul had no meaning until I found Jesus. Jesus is not only the guy who voluntarily got up on the cross and died for me for my sins to be forgiven, but he is also the person who loves me and encourages me to be the person I am becoming.

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