Stop Faking It

You cannot fake the love of Jesus in your life but you can fake being Christian. There are too many people claiming to be Christians now a days but all they do is sin and live in it. If you are true Christ follower you would thrive not to sin and to love others and be a good example! You would shoot for perfection! Everyone of us does sin, but it is your choice whether to follow the enemy or follow Christ.

Some of the “Christians” go to church every Sunday. Some of them just are a “Christian” when they feel like they need to be “saved again” because they have been sinning this entire time. I am not perfect, I sin but I give it up every time I do. I consider them fake Christians or “Christians” because they “know” what God says before even opening up the word and actually reading it. They put words together that God did not put together. I know examples of these people. I know Christians, and I know “Christians” but the point of the matter is, if you are a “Christian”, stop. Get read of the maybe, get rid of whatifs, get rid of the sin, just have faith. Christ didn’t die for you to maybe follow Him. He died for you to follow, to believe, to love and to know he sacrificed himself so that we could live new life, don’t take it for granted. Stop pretending and start believing again. Love and live like Jesus. Strive for perfection.

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